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June 20, 2014: Signing the collaboration between Compolab S.r.l. and Polo di Navacchio S.p.A.

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On the 20th of June Compolab and Polo di Navacchio have stipulated a collaboration agreement. Navacchio Pole manages a system of more than 50 high-tech companies and other structures which are operative in a range of sectors, starting from biomedics to robotics, passing through microelectronics, ICT. As these two companies operate in areas of expertise which are complementary under several aspects, this agreement allows to reinforce the respective offers and productive capabilities.

Apr 15, 2014: Meeting with Defiance Technologies.

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Compolab, together with ToscanaSpazio, has held a meeting in its location in Leghorn with Defiance Technologies, an Hinduja Group company. The meeting has seen the participation of main industrial realities representatives not only from Tuscany, laying the foundation for future collaborations.

December-February 2013/2014: ITS Prime Industrialization courses

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Over December 2013 and February 2014 Compolab technicians have held training courses for the students of the technical college course for processes and mechanical products innovation. Among the main treated subjects: industrial accounting, material science and technology, machine tools and manufacturing processes, assembly lines, material transport, lean production, quality.

November 12, 2013: Presentation of the book “Fare l’automobile” by Favilla and Agnelli.

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Compolab has hosted the presentation of the book “Fare l’automobile” written by Mario Favilla and Aldo Agnelli which illustrates the main aspects of a profession, the car designer, that combines crafts and high technology to create car surfaces.

The two authors told their wide experience in the Alfa Romeo Style Centre where they have met the big personalities who have contributed to the success of the most famous brands of the automotive world. The meeting has seen the participation of Alessandro Maccolini, Alfa Romeo 4C designer, and Luca Mazzanti, owner of the firm which produces Evantra supercar.