Metal and Polymeric Additive Printing

We design and manufacture, in polymer and metal additive printing, prototypes and components optimized for their use and devices used for automation or process robotization to make the solutions as reliable, performing, flexible and consistent with the purposes for which they are intended. In particular:

  1. a) for product evolution and innovation: we also offer innovative product solutions in optimized times and costs, ready to incorporate the activities that are necessary for the industrialization and for the entry into the market, maintaining maximum confidentiality. We will be able to investigate and offer solutions and experiment them, starting from those already in use and verifying their possibilities of evolution.
  2. b) for the development and optimization of the process: we can satisfy the request for solutions aimed at maximizing the execution speed in a significantly easier and more effective way; flexibility and simplicity of management; reliability and “ease” for maintenance operations; integration of sensors on moving or static parts capable of transmitting significant “state” data.