We offer fluid dynamic design services and we perform CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) calculations for a variety of industrial sectors. Particularly we have an excellent knowledge of the most advanced fluid dynamic computation tools based on several experiences in these sectors
  • automotive
  • marine
  • railway
  • aerospace and defence
  • oil and gas
We perform simulations for external and internal,steady and unsteady flows, using from the most common RANS-based (Reynolds Averaged Navier Stokes) models to the most complex LES-based (Large Eddy Simulation) ones, integrating and optimizing, where necessary, the numerically obtained results with the ones derived from experimental tests in wind tunnels or in hydrodynamic tanks. The multidisciplinary nature of our computation experts allows us to perform multi-physical calculations for fluid structure interaction FSI, interfacing the fluid dynamic simulations results with the ones obtained by thermal and structural simulations.
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